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Provides car rental service including SUV, van, SUV and motorcycle. Is a provider company Cheap Car Rental in Samui Car pick up at various places such as hotel, airport, pier, transportation, etc. Open from 07.00-20.00 daily non-holiday. All cars with accident insurance can claim. If the car accident or crash, there is a car change all the time. Because here we have a reservation for emergency. And there is a 24 hour standby staff to facilitate the customer. Need urgent help? The service can be provided immediately within 30 minutes. Rental and service charges can be paid in cash. Or cut through the credit card. Rental documentation is only available. ID card And driver's license only, company, department store, agency and any desired hotel. Rent a car on a monthly or yearly basis. You can contact the price with the company.

Models available at runway car rental Koh Samui.

Terms of rental with Runway car rental Samui

1. The tenant must be 21 years or older with a copy of identification card.

2. The tenant must have a driver's license. Show proof of driver's license If you are a foreigner, you must have a Thai driver's license or an international driver's license.

If there is a change of driver and driver without a driver's license. The tenant and the driver are responsible for 100%

3. limited space On Koh Samui only If you use a vehicle other than those specified in the contract. You will have to pay a daily charge of 1,000 baht for off-road driving.

4. The rent does not include fuel.

5. Must return the vehicle within the rental period. If the cost exceeds 100 Baht, if more than 5 hours, 1 day.

6. The tenant will not bring the car to another sublease. Or transfer the lease to anyone in any case.

7. In case of accident and damage to life And the body of the outsider The insurance company provides coverage under the policy.

8. In case of accident and damage to life And third party assets The insurance company provides coverage under the policy.

9. In case of accident and damage to the car body.

9.1 (if the tenant is right) is not responsible for any costs.

9.2 (If the tenant is wrong) The tenant is responsible for the cost incurred 3,000 baht per wound, but not more than 10,000 baht, except damage to the tire.

The tenant is 100% responsible, such as tire blast from tenant negligence or leakage.

10. If the car accident or why? Happened to the car must notify the lessor immediately. Do not bring your car into the garage. Or modified by a person.

Do not get the consent of the lessor. Otherwise, you will be fined 10,000 baht and will be responsible for all damages.

11. Free Airport Transfers

12. If you wish to receive a car or a non-airport return car The cost is 50 - 300 baht, depending on the distance.

13. Do not smoke in cars violate the 5,000 baht fine.

14. 5,000 baht guarantee

Reservation process Car Rental Samui

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